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Michelle Finley is a seasoned business professional who brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in the real estate and finance industry. She earned her undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University, and continued her graduate studies there as well.
In her tenure as President of Homeowners Advocate Association, specializing in housing crisis, her experience along with her time in the United States Marine Corps prepared her for this role. She aggressively serviced her clients in negotiations with banks and loan servicers with as much zeal as her training in the Marine Corps instilled.

Michelle has been relentless in her pursuit of fairness for her clients. She has negotiated uncommon results for homeowners. Simply put, she is a problem solver, able to create and implement strategic solutions for her client base, including finding the best homes, commercial properties and wholesale portfolios.
Some of her past duties have included marketing and sales development, project management, team building, and sales management. Michelle has managed small to large complex real estate rehabilitation projects. She has served in several positions in the real estate and finance industry, including loan officer, branch manager, investor, consultant, housing counselor, negotiator, and appraisal management.
Michelle’s experience in the Real Estate Industry provides her the skills to provide her clients the best service and knowledge.